Sometimes you’re just meant to be alone for reasons you can’t explain to others who will never understand nor accept that fact. Turn off the emotions and let it work itself out or just wait till every one leaves, sooner or later it happens. Most of the times it’s by your own hands, life is a cruel bitch.

Dying alone isn’t so bad, been fooled a few times to think otherwise. It’s just better this way.

This is what Vegas needs, a relaxing, cool river. (@ Laughlin water taxi)





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I’m at Zombie Apocalypse Store (3420 Spring Mountain Rd, at Polaris Ave., Las Vegas) [pic]:

Business as usual

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Being a business owner sure has its perks. Getting this sweet room at the Palms Hotel and Spa for the weekend for free. Great view and the room is gorgeous. Should have done this sooner.







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Welcome to the family.
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….and inked in blood. While Universal Orlando is getting Cabin in the Woods we’re getting The Evil Dead. Last year’s event was great, highlight was 2 Walking Dead events. Excited to hear what other events will be announced in the coming days.

Horror Nights (@HorrorNights) tweeted at 9:00 PM on Mon, Jul 15, 2013:
Just confirmed: @EvilDead maze coming to HHN 2013!

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That distinct aroma

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Are you a lover of all things bacon? Then I suggest you hurry on down to

We’re a small, but ever growing, business that hopes to entice you with our products.

If you have any suggestions on products you’d like to see, then drop us a line.

If you only had to get 1 item then I HIGHLY recommend getting the Maple Glazed Bacon Jerky. I can promise that you’ll finish it in one sitting.

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